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Our Tuition Includes Flower Material Fees

Unlike community college tuition, all the lesson fees announced by us include flower materials


You are planning to take floral design lessons at local community colleges. Suppose you find the tuition is $80. After reading the introduction about the program you want to attend, you find that you have to bring flowers to a classroom by purchasing them by yourself. Before you attend the lesson, you go to a local florist and purchase flower materials by spending $30. This means the lesson fee resulted in $110 in total. After attending the lesson, you find that there are many students in the classroom and the lecture is almost one sided from teacher to many students. The time spent by the teacher for your training is pretty limited. Nevertheless, you must have earned something which is important for you to make floral decorations or doing floral business at school. If you feel you were obliged to spend more money than you had expected or you feel like taking a lesson at smaller size class and you want your instructor pay more attention to you for training you, OR if you feel you need more practical trainings of HOW TO MAKE FLORAL DESIGNS, why not join California Flower Art Academy where the lesson is done with hands on training of person to person instructions based on small size class system limiting number of students maximum six per instructor. This is a kind of semi-private lesson. You will be satisfied with our lesson. You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for only $69 including flower materials in order for you to evaluate our way of instructions and the qualify of our lessons.   

For details about our school, visit

Take Lessons at the Price of Flower Material Cost

You can Learn Floral Design at Very Affordable Price

We help you minimize expenses for learning floral designs at our school. All
the commodity prices and living cost have been increased for the past 9 years such as gasoline, restaurant, houses, office rent etc etc in the San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley Area. California Flower Art Academy has been making tremendous efforts for keeping prices such as tuition and flower materials fee since its inception going back to 1990.

We help you minimize cost of learning flower arrangement at our school. The fee we are charging to our students is same as (or close to) or less than the cost of flower materials when they buy at the regular flower shops. Why ? Because we want to help students who are enthusiastic for learning floral designs to acquire practical skills of flower arrangement.

We believe California Flower Art Academy is a very unique floral design school in terms of our way of education. We always try to teach students by way of hands on training so that students can easily acquire practical skills of floral designs. Some schools offer online education course or massive lecture system. Quite unfortunately such methodology does not work out when it comes to the training or flower arrangement. Even if students have obtained a beautiful certificate by attending a mass production lecture or internet online course, it is obvious that most graduates have lots of difficulties in actual designing or arranging flowers at the real event occasions except for very talented graduates who are very resourceful.

Some people who approach our school raise questions "Can I enroll in Intermediate Course by skipping Elementary Course ?". If he/she has plenty of experiences in the actual flower designing job after getting an official training at floral design schools, it may work out. Quite unfortunately, it is good only for minimizing expenses for learning floral designs. If you would like to acquire quality floral design skills, we do recommend you to attend lessons offered by well experienced and talented licensed instructor.

California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to help you achieve your dream.
If you have successfully acquired good skills  of flower arrangement, you can
make designs and arrangements at your discretion according to your taste and wish anytime you like.

You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for only $89- including $flower materials and tuition fee. Or you can join Weekend One Day Seminar for $150 only (tuition and flower materials included). If you want to focus on Table Arrangement, you can join our brand new program called "Table Arrangement Center Piece Program" for only $150- including tuition and flower materials fee. Another choice is to enroll in Elementary Course by skipping above mentioned Introductory Program. In this case, the fee for elementary course is $390- (including flower materials and tuition) covering 12 lessons (one lesson is 60-90 minutes). If you want to get further information about our Introductory Program, visit our website by clicking the site address below. Or just send your e-mail to for raising any kind of questions.

We look forward to working with you soon.
Thank you for your interest in our school.
Mieko Martha Hirano
Managing Director

For further details about our Introductory Program, visit

Flower Arrangement・Floral Design Course

A Variety of Courses & Classes Are Available

To: Applicants for Floral Arranging Programs


Thank you for the enquiry regarding floral designs. In order for you to understand about the Flower Arrangement/Floral Designing lessons/classes at our workshop/studio as well as TUITION and Materials fee etc, we are pleased to provide you with the following information.

1) Credit/Unit:
In order to complete/finish each course, it is necessary to attend the minimum required number of lessons as follows:

A. Introductory Program: 2 units (1 unit consits of 1 lesson of
about 75 minutes)
B. Ikebana Short Program: 2 units (1 unit consists of 1 lesson of about 75 minutes)
C. One Day Seminar: 3 units (1 unit consists of 1 lesson of aboout 75 minutes)
D. Elementary Course: 12 units (1 unit consists of 1 lesson of about 75 minutes)
E. Intermediate Course: 18 units(1 unit consists of 1 lesson of about 75 minutes)
F. Advanced Course: 21 units (1 unit consists of 1 lesson of about 75 minutes)
G. Instructor Course: 29 units (1 unit consists of 1 lesson of aout 75 minutes)
H. Other Courses and Programs: See curriculum by visiting the page introducing
each course.

2) Tuition and Materials Fee:
All the published lesson fees available on the internet, blog, search engine, directory and our own website include tuition and flower materials only. They do not include any fee for testing (if required), certificate fee and any materials/devices/utensils/tools used for arrangements during lessons and classes are not included unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

The fee of tuition and materials is different from program to program as follows.

Introductory Trial Program: $89.00
Ikebana Short Seminar Program: $98
Floral Design One Day Seminar: $150.00
Table Arrangement Program: $150.00
Elementary Course: $390.00 (covering 12 designs)
Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Instructor Course: visit the page introducing the entire courses or send email to
Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course: $298.00
Wedding Ceremony Arrangement Course: $169.00
Wedding Decoration Advanced Course: $298.00
Funeral Design and Decoration Course: $298.00

3) Certificate Fee:
Students who have successfully finished each course can request for the official certificate. In order for a school to issue a certificate, it is necessary for a stuent to take examination so that school can evaluate the design skills achieved by each student. Therefore it is necessary for a student to pay the fee for examination fee, instructor's manpower fee, flower materials fee and certificate fee. Please check with instructor about the fee relating to the examination and certificate issuing fee before enrollment if necessary.

4) Class Schedule for English Speaking Students:
A. San Jose Class:
Every Tuesday: (10:00am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 4:00pm, 5:30pm-8:00pm)
Every Wednesday: Morning only (10:00am to 12:30pm)
Every Sunday: (10:00am-12:30pm,1:30pm-4:00pm)

B. San Francisco(Burlingame) Extension Class:
2nd & 4th Friday (10:00am-12:30pm,1:30pm-4:00pm)
Every Saturday (10:00am-12:30pm,1:30pm-4:00pm)

Considering the number of students who belong to each class, we may change the
class schedule from time to time. If we have a certain number of students who
would like to learn at a certain time frame of certain week day, we always try
to set up new schedule. Therefore please contact us just for making sure when you would like to learn and whether we can accept such time frame.

5) Time Schedule:
Since our school adopts “tailor made” instruction with “man to man” (actually “woman to woman”) trainings, the time schedule for each student may be different. Although the class has plural number of students at the same time, he/she can be well monitored by instructor about the progress of training. He/she can pick up the most convenient time frame of 90 minutes during the above-mentioned class schedule. We encourage you to contact by email to if you have any questions about lesson schedule.

6) Admission Fee:
Students do not have to pay any admission fee when newly joining a class. (Tuition Fee, Materials Fee and Certificate Fee are required).

7) Advance Payment of Tuition and Materials Fee:
In view of the fact that some students do not show up in the class room at the appointed time, we take the liberty of asking students to pay the tuition (as well as materials fee) in advance at the time of making the appointment(s) of lessons. Upon our receipt of your payment by check, we will book the space for your lesson(s).

8) Other types of floral designs/arts:
If you would like to get any information regarding the undermentioned designs/arts, please contact  Our floral designers and artists will help you learn a variety of floral art:

Dried Flower Arrangement
Silk Flower Arrangements
Japanese Ikebana Arranging
Wedding Floral Decorations
Funeral Floral Decorations

9) Areas we are serving:
We are offering classes/instructions/seminars by inviting people from the following areas:
San Francisco, San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara County, San Mateo, San Mateo County, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Los Altos, Saratoga, Menlo Park, Cupertino, Stanford, Atherton, Redwood City, Woodside, Fremont, Milpitas, San Bruno, Burlingame, Millbrae, Campbell, Palo Alto, Brisbane, Foster City, South San Francisco, Los Altos Hills, San Carlos, Woodside, Los Gatos, Campbell, Los Altos Hills, Silicon Valley

Special Remarks:
Information stated herein is subject to change with or without notice. Please check with our instructor (or contacting the undermentioned e-mail) before making a decision for joining our school. If you have any specific questions regarding above courses, classes, instructions or seminars, please contact us. Our flower arranging instructors and floral designers are happy to answer your questions about our workshops and studios. We look forward to training you.

Thank you for having interest in CFAA.
Sincerely yours,

Mieko Martha Hirano, Floral Designer
Managing Director, California Flower Art Academy        

For details about ONE DAY SEMINAR, visit

Decoupage・ Shadow Box・Egg Art Course

Tuition・Materials Fee・Period of Lesson etc.

To:Applicants for Decoupage, Shadow Box & Egg Art Class

We are pleased to provide you with the following information so that you could understand about our classes/courses for Decoupage, Shadow Box and Egg Arts:

1. Tuition:
Elementary Course.........$20.00/lesson
Intermediate Course.......$23.00/lesson
Advanced Course...........$26.00/lesson
Instructor Course.........$29.00/lesson

Remarks: One lesson is based on the instruction for 2.5 hours (150 minutes).

2. Materials Fee:
Materials Fee varies depending upon what kind of works each student will make.
If you would like to know about materials fee, you can contact

3. Credit/Unit:
Students can earn one credit/unit every time she/he has completed one work. In order to finish each course, the undermentioned number of works must be made by student:

Elementary Course......12 works (12 credits)
Intermediate Course....12 works (12 credits)
Advanced Course........12 works (12 credits)
Instructor Course......12 works (12 credits)

4. Average hours for finishing each course:
Usually and typically in order for a student to finish one work, it is necessary to attend four lessons (one lesson is based on 2.5 hours:15 minutes).
For completing each course, students are required to finish twelve (12) works.
Therefore in order to complete instructor course starting from elementary course, students are required to finish forty eight (48) works all together.

5. Qualification for opening a branch school in Japan and Korea:
In order to open a branch school in Japan or Korea, students must finish at least the intermediate course. It is not always necessary to finish the advanced or instructor course at the moment. As a matter of fact, several artists who graduated from intermediate course from our school are now running branch schools in Japan.

6. Other fee:
A. Admission Fee: Free
B. CFAA-NASBAC member fee: $3.00/month

7. Maximum number of hours of lessons which student can attend per day:
For students who would like to finish each course as quickly as possible, she/he can attend maximum 3 lesson per day (One lesson lasts about 2.5 hours:approximately 150 minutes. Therefore it is possible to attend up to 7.5 hours/day). We usually start a lesson at 9:30am and continue until about 5:00pm.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Our instructors and artists are more than happy to answer your questions.
Thank you,

Mieko Martha Hirano, Shadow Box Artist
Managing Director, NASBAC Division of CFAA

For details about our school & shadow box classes/instruction, visit

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