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Evening Ikebana Class at San Jose

We Support Busy Students Like You


Suppose you love flowers and would like to learn Ikebana arrangement but you are too busy to take lessons during daytime, California Academy can get you perfect solution. For those who can attend classes only in the evening, this evening class is very ideal. We offer under mentioned program/courses in the evening (from 5:30pm to 8:00pm) at our San Jose main classroom nearby the intersection of freeway 85 and De Anza Blvd (border of San Jose and Cupertino). You can select your most favorite course
from the following programs offered by our school:

Remarks: Prices include tuition and flowers. As to other tools, see below:

A. Ikebana Short Seminar Program (2 design 2.5 hour program) for $89
Price includes Kenzan (frog: needlepoint holder) and Suiban (container)

B. Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course (7 design  course) for $210
Price does not include Kenzan and Suiban. If you already attended the short
seminar per above A, you already got these items. If you don't have these
items, you can buy at the classroom by paying $30 (in total for both items)

C. Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course (7 design course) for $245
Conditions about Kenzan and Suiban are the same as above mentioned B.

You can learn from a licensed Ikebana instructor having over 30 year experiences in teaching Ikebana by way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions which greatly helps beginner students easily and quickly earn practical skills of Ikebana arranging.

California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching a variety of floral designs since 1990 as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association that is one of the best established floral associations in Japan. For further information, feel free to contact

For details about our school, visit

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