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Small Investment for Big Output in Floral Art

Make the Best Use of Your Fund

So many people, so many purposes for learning floral designs. Some people want to earn practical skills of flower arranging for hobby. Some for doing floral business. Some for learning church floral decoration to work as a volunteer. Some for engaging in wedding floral decoration business. Some for running a floral shop. Some for having their own classes of flower arrangements. No matter what kind of purpose they learn floral designing, one thing which is common among students is that they like flowers and taking lessons makes a big difference and change in floral arranging skills. By making a small amount of investment for learning flower arrangement, you can expect a clear change and improvements in your ability and skills in designing floral decorations. You can recognize and enjoy BIG OUTPUT with small investment. By taking lessons at California Flower Art Academy, you can learn how to do floral decorations, how to design floral arrangements, how to use oasis (floral foam) and vase/container, how to keep flower's life longer etc etc. Not only design sense but also arranging skills and techniques will be certainly enhanced and brushed up by our unique way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. Because of our SMALL GROUP CLASS SYSTEM limiting number of students to six per class/instructor, we can implement semi-private lessons well considering each student's progress and level of understanding about each design. If you learn for hobby, you can expand the line of your floral designs. When you are invited to a party held by your friend, you can visit your friend's house with a gift of floral design (such as flower gift) which must be highly appreciated by your friend. Or when your friend gets married, you can make a bridal bouquet for your friend. Or just for the purpose of making interior decoration of your home, you can make flower arrangements at any time you like.  If you learn for business, it COULD help enhance the profit of your business and stabilize your operation. Suppose you are already engaged in floral business by running your own floral shop, acquiring skills of wedding floral decorations and funeral flower arrangements COULD make it possible for you to offer much higher value added services to your customers because the prices of wedding and funeral flower decoration are much higher than the prices of ordinary simple floral designs sold at a regular floral shop. It is fully up to you how to make the best use of flower design skills you earn at California Flower Art Academy. Our school offers a VARIETY OF CLASSES for floral arranging and also the opportunities for students to learn value added creative floral decorations as a school and also as a flower design studio. We are open not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main studio and also Burlingame extension classroom. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Burlingame, San Mateo close to San Francisco Airport) or Silicon Valley (San Jose, Cupertino, Santa Clara County),  you can easily commute to and from our school. California Flower Art Academy is authorized by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan. For further information about our school or lesson, feel free to contact

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