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Large Designs for Hotel and Wedding Halls

Students learn these designs at a speccial lesson


These arrangements are pretty big that are usually displayed for decorating at the entrance hall of hotels or wedding halls. We seldom make these types of decorations at the classroom mainly because of limitation of expenses and time for a lesson. The left arrangement was made by one of our students special request for custom designed arrangement. She showed me a certain picture and asked me to teach her how to make a similar decoration.

The right arrangement was made by one of our students who made wedding decorations. This was displayed at the hall of wedding place. This is also a big arrangement we usually don't make at the classroom. If a student has already earned a decent flower arranging skills and completed Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course and our instructor judges she/he qualifies to take special lesson for making a custom designed decoration, we offer a special lesson. Due to expensive flower materials fee because of high quantities and also the irregular lesson, the fee for lessons is much more expensive. Upon mutual agreement on the lesson fee, the school go ahead for implementing special instructions to qualified students.

From time to time some students show interest in learning special designs which are not included in our standard curriculum. In this case, student can provide detailed request showing what kind of decorations she/he wants to make. It may be the easiest way to show the picture introduced in magazines or internet website. California Flower Art Academy is pleased to help students who would like to enhance their design skills to the extent that the situation allows.

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