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3 Types of Fan Shaped Flower Arrangements

Dried, Fresh and Painted Flower Arrangement

The above picture shows a dried flower arrangement which forms a shape of fan. Among 3 designs introduced in this page, this particular one has the most clear shape of fan. Dried flowers last pretty long and we can appreciate it for a long period of time. Although our school (California Flower Art Academy) used to teach dried flower arrangement until about 10 years ago, we are no longer offering classes of dried flowers only because we do not have sufficient number of students and we are unable to justify ourselves to keep this course. The arrangement was made by the instructor of our school.

The above photo shows a fresh flower arrangement which was displayed for the wedding flower decoration forming a shape of fan. This picture was taken at the time of wedding party when our instructor was engaged in making floral decorations. As a fan shaped arrangement, the front side of decoration must make the exact shape of a fan. Pay attention to a nice color coordination featuring pink and white flowers.

This arrangement was made by one of our school's graduate who now offers her own flower arranging class in Japan. The picture was taken several years ago at the classroom where Christmas Flower Show was held. (At that time, the person who made this arrangement was still learning at our school). The green leaves were painted in white color to make the Christmas season atmosphere.

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