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Origin and History of Ikebana

Information from Wikipedia

Ikebana arrangements shown above were made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy.

Following is information from Wikipedia regarding origin and history of Ikebana.
"The truth about the origin of Ikebana is unidentified. But when the Buddhism reached Japan in the 7th century, it is thought to have come to Japan as part of Buddhist practice. The offering of flowers on the altar in honor of Buddha was part of worship. Ikebana evolved from the Buddhist ritual of offering flowers to the spirits of the dead[2]. The first classical styles of Ikebana started in the middle of the fifteenth century; the first students and teachers of Ikebana were Buddhist priests and members. As time passed, other schools emerged, styles changed, and Ikebana became a custom among the Japanese society".

Our school offers classes of Ikebana arrangement introduced as follows:
1. Ikebana Arrangement Short Seminar Program.........$98
2. Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course...............$210
3. Ikebana Arrangement Intermediate Course.............$245
4. Ikebana Arrangement Advanced Course.................$280

You can enjoy friendly lesson of ONE ON ONE instructions based on small group class system. The instructor has over 30 year experience in teaching Ikebana and she is a licensed instructor certified in Japan. If you are interested in joining above program, feel free to contact

For details about our school, visit

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