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How To Become A Florist: Required Conditions

We Help You Earn Floral Arranging Skills Required As A Florist

In order to become a florist, it is necessary to satisfy following conditions:

1. Earn minimum required skills of flower arrangement.
2. Get a fund (capital) for starting business as a florist.
3. Get a shop of florist (buying or leasing a floral shop)
4. Get a business license from a city of your floral shop
5. Get a seller's permit/resale license from the authority

The easiest one is number 4 and 5. You can get both of them quite easily by way of making application to the authority. I have never heard that the authority refused to issue a business license or resale license. As far as you satisfy easy conditions provided by the authority, you can get these license/permit almost automatically. As you know, business license is mandatory to do any kind of business in the United States. Seller's permit/resale license is required if you run a floral shop so you resell flowers (and also any other tangible property) to your own customers as a retailer. If you are engaged in selling merchandise to end users (like an individual buyer who comes to your shop for buying flowers), resale license is required to collect a sales tax from your customers. When you go to wholesaler(flower market) to procure flower materials, you are required to submit a seller's permit/resale license in order to buy flowers at a wholesale price.

Next one is getting a flower shop where you sell flowers and other related merchandise. You can lease a shop or buy a florist in the market. There are so many flower shops for sales in the market. Therefore it is up to you which way you choose, leasing or buying. 

The difficult one is how to make money and save money to start your florist business. In order to operate a floral shop, you need a certain amount of money with which you can run a sound cash flow. If your fund is too small in its amount, you will face difficulties for procuring flowers, paying a monthly rent of your floral shop (in case you lease a shop), paying a monthly mortgage (in case you buy a floral shop with a loan from a lender) and paying monthly wage/salary to your employee(s) if you have any employee.

Even if you clear all above things, you are unable to do a business as a florist. Yes, you need a minimum required skill of flower arrangements. For earning this skill, we recommend you to take lessons for learning how to make floral designs. There are many flower arranging instructors or floral design schools who teach you floral arranging. California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS for various kinds of floral designs according to your purpose, goal, taste and also the type of decoration you want to learn, such as wedding floral decorations or funeral flower arrangement or just simple designs which can be sold at the shop on a daily basis. You can start from Introductory Program for only $89. If you have any questions about taking lessons of floral arrangements, feel free to contact  We are more than happy to help you earn practical skills of floral designs at affordable prices. 

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