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Invest in Yourself to Earn Floral Design Skills

Make the Best Use of Your Fund to Enrich Your Life

Once you have earned a decent skill of floral arrangement, this skill is considered a life time property and the value of this property will never be decreased and it stays pretty stable, rain or shine, regardless of the economic situation. Learning flower designs will make you skillful and talented and once you acquired this skill, it will help your life enriched and fruitful. Suppose you invest your money in stocks, mutual fund or hedge fund etc., the performance of transaction is totally affected by the economic situation and in the worst case, your asset may be jeopardized at the time of ressession.  Sometimes the value is severely decreased and investors repent what they did for investment. Of course some people are very happy with nice performance of transactions and they COULD increase the value of their asset. However they are always affected by economic situation. Again getting back to skills you earn, not only flower arranging skills but also other skills such as foreign language speaking skill, auto mechanic skill and computer maintenance skill etc etc are considered as valuable lifetime properties. In order to earn such skills, it is necessary for you to invest your money, time and energy for learning lessons at a trade school or vocational school etc. In the case of floral design skills, you can use it for your hobby such as making interior decoration of your home, making a home made gift such as flower gift and wedding bouquet etc etc. Suppose you are invited to a party held by your friend, you can visit your friend's house with a home made floral decoration as a gift for your friend who must be very happy with this unique home made gift from you. If you would like to make donation to the church, you can make floral decoration which can be donated together with your labor. If your friend is getting married, you can help her save some money on the budget of her wedding flowers by offering wedding floral decorations or making bridal bouquets, corsage or wreaths etc etc. Or you can eventually devote yourself to running your own floral shop which can offer wedding and funeral floral decorations in addition to routine sales of ordinary simple floral designs. It is fully up to you how you will make the  best use of this valuable skills. California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching a WIDE RANGE OF FLORAL DESIGNS from European floral arrangement to Japanese Ikebana, from Wedding to Funeral Floral Decorations, from Beginner to Professional levels AND from Elementary to Instructor Courses. At our school you can take lessons not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main classroom or Burlingame extension class. Our unique way of hands on training of ONE ON ONE instruction will help you easily earn practical skills of flower arranging. California Flower Art Academy has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area as a floral design school and flower design studio since 1990 and we are authorized by Flower Decorators Association that is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact  We help you make a difference in floral art.     

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