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Smart Start for Ikebana Arrangement Lesson

You Can Start from Short Program for $98

If you are at a loss whether or not you should take a lesson for Ikebana arrangement, how to start learning Ikebana OR what you should start from for learning Ikebana, here is a practical and nice suggestion. Why not join Ikebana Short Seminar Program offered by California Flower Art Academy. It will cost only $98 to join this program and this lesson fee covers not only tuition but also flower materials, Kenzan (needlepoint holder which can be repeatedly used for a life time use) and Suiban (flat type container specifically designed for Ikebana). There is no hidden cost at all. There are many people who cannot make up his/her mind to sign up for an official course such as Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course which costs a little bit more expensive.

There must be some reasons behind you hesitating to make up your mind for enrolling in this course such as you do not know what kind of lesson and what quality of lesson will be done AND also you have never met an instructor who will teach you OR you have no idea at all if or not you can be satisfied with our way of training. To avoid or minimize this kind of concerns or "risks" mentioned above, you can join Ikebana Short Seminar Program. By attending this program, you can learn 2 of Japanese basic Ikebana arrangement form a certified Ikebana Instructor having over 30 year experience in teaching Ikebana. You can not only evaluate our way of instruction but also enjoy Ikebana lesson at a friendly atmosphere. After taking the lesson per this short program, if you are satisfied with our lesson, you can transfer/roll over to Ikebana Arrangement Elementary Course.

All credits you earned from this short program will be counted for you to complete the Elementary Course. Therefore you will lose nothing by signing up for the Elementary Course after trying this short seminar program. Ikebana is one of typical Japanese traditional arts. If you are interested in Japanese traditional floral art, it is worthwhile for you to learn Ikebana. The way of making Ikebana arrangement is a little bit different from European floral designs although there are lots of similarities between these two floral arts. When it comes to learning floral designs mainly for doing floral business in the United States, Ikebana is not recommended. Instead you had better learn European floral designs by signing up for Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course (You can start from Introductory Trial Budget Program for only $89).

California Flower Art Academy has been engaged in teaching a variety of floral arrangements from Ikebana to European floral designs, from wedding to funeral decorations AND from beginner to professional level of programs. Among our WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS/COURSES we offer, you can find a most favorite program which definitely fits your requirement. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Peninsula, South Bay, San Mateo County etc) or Silicon Valley (East Bay, San Jose, Cupertino etc), you can easily commute to and from our school. We offer lessons not only on weekdays but also on the weekend to support busy people like you. California Flower Art Academy has been doing its operation as one of certified schools authorized by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan since 1990. For further information, feel free to contact We help you make a difference in floral art.   

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