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Be Creative in Design and Skillful in Decoration

In the Case of Floral Decoration, Design and Arranging are Done by the Same Person

Floral decorations introduce in this section are made by a student or graduate of California Flower Art Academy. In the case of TV sets, cellular phones etc, designing job is done by designers and production is done by factory people. However in the case of flower arrangements, design and production are usually done by the same person who is called "floral artist". Some people have very good idea in the design of floral arrangements. However when it comes to making actual decoration by hands, he/she cannot make a satisfactory output only because the skill is not so good. Some people are very good at manipulating flower materials. But when it comes to designing the style of arrangements, they are not so good because they lack creativity in their mind. Good floral artists must be CREATIVE IN DESIGN and SKILLFUL IN MANIPULATION. At the first beginning stage, many people are not very creative in designing floral arrangements. This is mainly because of lacking experiences. The more they learn and practice by gathering information and idea from their instructors, they will gradually become "creative". After they acquire a certain level of basic skills of floral designs, they MAY become able to absorb concept, idea and the way it should be from other artists or public information available from books, internet or some other mass media information sources. When it comes to manipulation skills, they can obviously make improvements by practicing repeatedly. In this sense, making as many designs as possible is pretty important in order for you to brush up on your designing ability as well as manipulation skills of floral arrangements. In order for you to become creative and skillful floral artist, one of the most important things is to earn decent level of basic skills without skipping to learn Elementary Course.
California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to train you so that you can acquire decent designing ability and arranging skills. Most of students start from Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course which consists of 12 different designs recommended for entry level of students. After completing this elementary course, they qualify to proceed to higher level of course such as Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course or Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course. Our unique hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions will help beginner students easily and quickly earn practical skills of floral decorations. You can take lessons not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main classroom (close to Cupertino, Santa Clara County: Silicon Valley) and also Burlingame extension class near San Francisco Airport. If you just want to try European Floral Arrangement, you can join Introductory Trial Budget Program for only $89 covering not only tuition but also flowers, oasis and container. There is no hidden cost at all. California Flower Art Academy is authorized by Flower Decorators Association Tokyo Japan. For further information, please contact   

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