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Gallery I

Highly Value-Added & High End Floral Designs

You Can Challenge This Kind of Decorations

After you learn floral designs for a long period of time and become familiar with various kinds of arrangements, you MAY have opportunities of learning advanced level of decorations as shown in this section. These arrangements are very highly value added and high end decorations. These are not recommended for entry level of students. Both designs are made by a student who belonged to California Flower Art Academy where she completed Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course. For those who would like to teach floral designs by having his/her own classes in the future, it is recommended to complete Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course. By the time you complete Instructor Course, you will have completely mastered European floral arrangements from A to Z.

In the meantime if you complete the instructor course, it is not so difficult to pass the examination of the flower decorator's license issued by Flower Decorators Association. Since our school is one of authorized schools certified by this association, students can take the license examination of arranging skills and paper test at the classroom of our school in California. Since the written test of this examination is done in Japanese language only, we can recommend this examination only to students who completely understand Japanese not only in reading but also in writing. As far as the examination for certificates issued by California Flower Art Academy, all the tests are done in English and many local students have successfully got the certificate issued by our school.

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