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Enhance Skill of Floral Design By Teaching Others

We Help You Improve And Enhance Your Floral Design Skills

The photos in this page show floral designs made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. No matter what you learn, foreign language, mathematics, history, dancing or swimming, once you have acquired a certain level of knowledge or skill of decent quality, it COULD be one of the best ways for learning yourself if you teach to others. In order to teach other people, your knowledge must be perfect or next to perfect. At least you knowledge must be of higher level compared with your "students". If you do not understand so well about the subject you teach, you are required to enhance your knowledge to the level of educating other people. Floral designs is not an exceptional case. Once you have acquired a decent level of floral design skills, teaching to other people MAY help you enhance your arranging skills. In this sense we recommend graduates of California Flower Art Academy to have their own classes of floral designs. Lots of Japanese students learned at our school and most of them completed the highest level of course which is Fresh Flower Arrangement Instructor Course. Some of them have their own classes in Japan after getting back to Japan. Teaching their own students is not only a fun but also they feel satisfied if they see their students making improvement and progress in floral arranging. Having their own classes could be another income source for them. But the most outstanding merit is that they can brush upon  their own skills by way of teaching to their own students. Nevertheless, it is very important to recognize that you are not supposed to teach to other people with poor knowledge or skills of floral designs. If the level and quality of your skill is not so high or poor, you MAY mislead your students who always try to follow your instructions. And also you cannot enhance your own skills even if you start teaching to other people with a poor level of skills. The more knowledge they have, the less satisfied they are. The higher level of skills they have, the higher level of goal they try to achieve. In order to continue stepping up to the higher level, teaching by yourself is one of the best ways and most ideal solutions. California Flower Art Academy is more than happy to provide you with advices and suggestions so that you can make never ending improvements in floral arrangements. We offer a VARIETY OF PROGRAMS so that each student can make his/her most favorite choice according his/her purpose and needs in learning flower arrangements. For further information, please contact  

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