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Smart Start For A Floral Design Lesson

Introductory Trial Budget Program for $89 Only

The photos in this page show floral arrangements which were made by the students and graduates of our school. Judging from the fact that California Flower Art Academy gets lots of inquires every single day. it appears that many people are interested in learning flower arrangements. Some people are hesitant to make up his/her mind to sign up for a lesson seemingly because of a few reasons as stated below:

a. They wonder how our instructors teach them and whether they are satisfied with our lessons.
b. They are not sure if they can easily catch up with instructions provided by their teacher.
c. They wonder if our school's instructors are experienced so that they can earn practical skills.
d. They do not know if our school's lessons are worthwhile for them to pay lesson fees.

These kind of questions are quite understandable. In order to avoid their concerns, California Flower Art Academy offers Introductory Trial Budget Program for $89 only. The fee of $89 covers everything such as tuition, flower materials, oasis (floral foam) and a container as well. There is absolutely no hidden cost. By joining this program, you can learn two basic designs of European floral arrangements. Students can join this program as a short seminar just for experiencing a flower arranging lesson or for the purpose of evaluating our way of instructions. After trying this program, if they are satisfied with our lessons, they CAN continue to take lessons by rolling over/transferring to Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course. By taking this procedures, students can avoid or minimize a risk they may have in their mind.

We call this system SAFE method standing for Smart Approach to Floral Education. And it is really a smart start for a flower arranging lesson. We offer this program every week, weekdays and weekend, at our San Jose main classroom and also Burlingame extension class close to San Francisco Airport. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley, you can easily commute to and from our school. California Flower Art Academy is authorized by Flower Decorators Association that is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact  We help you make a difference in floral art.  

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