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Demand For Funeral Flowers Never Ends

It Contributes to Stabilizing Your Floral Business

Photos in this page show some of examples of funeral floral decorations. All designs introduced here are made at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy. Among so many kinds of floral decorations the demand for funeral arrangement is always available rain or shine throughout the year regardless of the economic situation. The demand for funeral floral decoration services will never stop regardless of the market conditions as far as "Man is mortal". Whether we like it or not, we are unable to avoid and escape from funerals quite unfortunately. Many people would like to stay away from sad or miserable events such as funeral ceremonies, which is quite understandable. However some people engage in the funeral related business such as mortician, funeral home and funeral flower decorators. Once in a while our school California Flower Art Academy is approached by students who would like to learn how to make funeral floral arrangements. They belong to Funeral Floral Design & Decoration Course offered for $298 which covers not only tuition but also flowers and other materials used for flower arrangements. These students clearly recognize that funeral floral service is mandatory when they run their own floral shop or work as a florist.

if you take a look at the unit price of funeral floral designs, you must find the price so expensive. Especially considering the cost of materials used for funeral decorations, it is again so expensive. This is partially because floral shops must deliver funeral flowers on the same day and they must always keep fresh flowers and other necessary materials in their stock. Getting back to the Funeral Floral Design & Decoration Course, all students need to pay is only $298. Since the unit price of most funeral floral designs sells at $170 to $350 in the market, it is easy to pay off your small investment ($298) once you are successful in penetrating the market of funeral industry. By joining this course, students can learn 4 kinds of flower decorations which are mandatory for funeral ceremonies. We offer classes of Funeral Flower Arranging not only on weekdays but also on the weekend at our San Jose main classroom and also Burlingame extension class. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or Silicon Valley, it is easy to commute to and from our school. Lessons are done with hands on training of ONE ON ONE instruction by well experienced instructor. If you are interested in taking lessons at our school or have any questions regarding classes, please contact

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