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Why we recommend CFAA for you.

Advantages and merits for you to join our school

To Applicants:

CFAA is pleased to explain the advantage and merit for you to join California Flower Art Academy as follows:

1. Lesson Fee:
If you compare our lesson fee with other schools or other classes, you must recognize how affordable it is. Since we started instructions of floral designs back in 1990, we have been doing our best to keep the prices in order for students not to suffer from heavy financial burden.

2. Number of designs per course:
Each course consists of lots of designs. This means the lesson fee per design is so affordable. Take Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course for instance, students can learn 12 kinds of basic designs in this course. The total lesson fee for this course is $390 which means the unit price per design is very affordable compared with other schools.

3. Flower materials, oasis and container/vase are included in lesson fee:
If you have experiences in taking lessons of flower arrangement at any one of local community colleges, you know that students must buy flower materials by themselves and they are usually required to bring such flowers to the classroom. This means the lesson fee does not include flower materials. In our case, the lesson fee includes not only tuition but also flower materials, oasis (chemical foam to hold flowers) and also minimum required container/vase. We always do our best so that students should not suffer from heavy financial burden.

4. Flexible Lesson Schedule:
Students who join our school can choose their most favorite day/time for their according to their own convenience. We do not set up any fixed lesson schedule. We respect each student's schedule and convenience.

5. Classes available on a regular basis:
Students can start taking lessons at any time they like (as far as we have space available). We can offer this kind of very flexible lesson schedule because we limit number of students to 6 per class. Our instructor can take care of each student and train him/her with person to person instructions. We do not have to set up any semester system in order to make it possible for a student to start taking lessons at any time he/she likes.

6. Hands on training with small group class:
As mentioned, we limit number of students to six per class in order to make it possible for us to offer hands on training of person to person instructions to each student. Our instructor can train each student well considering his/her level of understanding and also progress he/she has ever made.

7. No admission fee and no set up fee:
Students do not have to pay admission fee or no set up fee when joining our school. They do not have to worry about any initial payment beside lesson fees.

8. History and Number of graduates:
We have been educating local people who would like to earn practical skills of flower arranging since 1990. Uncountable number of students learned floral designs at our school.

9. Authorization by Flower Decorators Association:
Our school is authorized by Flower Decorators Association which is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan.

10. Students can learn a wide range of floral designs:
We offer a variety of programs from European floral designs to Japanese Ikebana, wedding floral arrangement to funeral flower decoration AND beginner to professional level.

For any questions, please feel free to contact

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