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Make A Difference In Floral Art

We Train You To Earn Skills For Making This Kind Of Designs

No matter for what kind of purpose you learn floral arrangements, for hobby or for business, if you would like to become an outstanding floral artist, one of the most important points is that you need to make a difference in your flower arranging skills. Of course not only design skills but also promotion, advertising and propaganda are important to make your position very visible in the industry.. However UNLESS you surpass majority of people in design and decoration skills as an floral artist, it is next to impossible for you to be successful or become outstanding in the world of floral art. (The left picture shows a bridal wrist corsage which was made by one of our students at the classroom of California Flower Art Academy).

California Flower Art Academy is happy to help you make a difference in floral art so that you can be successful in doing your jobs no matter whether it is a hobby or business. Judging from our long period of past experiences, most students who successfully earned a decent skills in floral arranging are very faithful to the teacher's instruction and obedient to instructors. Especially during the initial period of time when they do not have sufficient experience, it is mandatory to follow instructor's directions, advices and guidelines. Some people want to work in their own way from the first beginning stage during a lesson, which is not a right way of approach. Only after students acquire a certain level of skills and understand the concept of each design, they SHOULD work in their own way to reflect their ideas, concept and philosophy and adopt their own techniques for arrangements. The school gives students opportunities for them to learn and earn practical skills by way of ONE ON ONE instructions of hands on training. If students take an diligent and obedient attitude to instructors, it will not be a big deal for them to acquire good skills of floral arrangements. We can definitely say this way of approach is correct judging from our past experiences. If you are interested in learning and earning decent skills of floral arranging for hobby or for business, for European floral designs or Japanese Ikebana arts, please contact

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