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Are You Interested in Ikebana Arts ?

For those who would like to learn Japanese traditional floral art


Above pictures show the Ikebana arrangements made by our students under the direction of the instructor of California Flower Art Academy. As seen from the pictures, both arrangements use what is called "Suiban" (flat type container specifically designed for Ikebana arrangement). Inside Suiban, there is a heavy metal item with uncountable needles called "Kenzan" (needlepoint holder for holding stems and flowers). For European floral arrangement, they use Oasis (chemical foam to hold flowers) instead of Kenzan (which is not disposable unlike Oasis). In terms of container and flower holding item as well as the skill of arranging flowers, Ikebana is totally different from European or American style of floral arrangement. Since Ikebana is a typical Japanese traditional floral art, its skill is seldom used for doing floral business in the USA or Europe (such as running floral shop/florist, wedding or funeral floral decorations). Therefore if you would like to learn flower arrangement for doing business, we recommend you to learn European floral designs for which purpose we offer a broad range of programs and courses. For those who would like to learn and earn skills of Ikebana arrangement, we recommend the following programs:

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