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Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decorated By You

Your Family and Relatives Enjoy & Appreciate Your Own Floral Decorations


You will have lots of opportunites for making the best use of the floral designing skills you will earn at our school. During fall, you have events such as Halloween and Thanksgiving at which time you can make your own floral decoration making the best use of your skills you acquired at our school. By attending Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course offered by California Flower Art Academy, you can learn and earn practical skills of various kinds of flowera arranging and such skills can be utilized at the time of various events such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as birthday party of your family members etc etc. By attending the above mentioned Elementary Course, you will learn basic skills required for making a variety of floral arrangements. Once you have mastered such basic designs, you can apply so obtained skills for another kind of decoration. Gradually you will beccome able to make your own decorations by referring to the type of designs you learned at our school PLUS referring to the book featuring various flower arrangements. Before you have earned basic skills of floral designs, it may be difficult for you to make the similar designs introduced in floral magazines or some other reference books. However once you have acquired basic skills, you could make the best use of valuable information introduced in magazines or books available in the bookstore. Imagine there are flower baskets &  floral decorations displayed with candles on Thanksgiving DinnerTable surrounded by your family members and relatives who really enjoy and appreciate the decorations you made yourself. We help you make a difference in floral art. Try and enjoy and DO IT YOURSELF ! If you have questions about our school, contact the email address shown below.

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