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Gallery I

Colorful Centerpiece Decoration You Like

You can learn how to design from the beginning

The photo below shows one of examples of centerpiece decorations
which we made at our classroom. You can earn skills to make this
kind of decoration by attending lessons at our school.

The best way for you to quickly earn skills of floral arranging is "stealing" techniques from your instructor or "duplicating" what she does at the classroom. Some people insist upon her own way from the first beginning stage. This does not make sense. Especially during the initial period of learning floral designs, you had better follow the advices, instructions and directions from your instructor.
Only after you have acquired or mastered basic skills, you may be able to reflect your own idea of designs or your own way of decorations. Californai Flower Art Academy teaches each student with hands on training of person to person instructions based on small size class system. You are going to love it.

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