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Gallery I

Small Class Makes Hands-On-Training Easy

Making It Possible To Offer Semi-Private Lessons

The above picture shows the design made by one of our graduates Ms. Moon Soon Lee

California Flower Art Academy adopts a small size class system in order to implement Hands-On Training of ONE ON ONE Instructions. We usually limit number of students to no more than 4 per class. We used to accept up to 6 students per class. Judging from our past experience, we have come to the conclusion that we should limit number of students to 4 (max) per class. As of May, 2015, typical number of students is 2 to 3 per class (or per instructor). If a class has more than 4 students, we always try to have two instructors take care of a lesson. Unlike massive classes at local community colleges, training of floral designs at our school is done with interactive and mutual communication between an instructor and students whereby we can keep the quality of lessons. Since the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley are melting pots of races, we have students with various ethnical backgrounds such as Asian, European, Latin America and of course the United Stated. Enjoy the multi-cultural atmosphere at California Flower Art Academy.  

Students from various countries in Asia.
2nd from the right is our chief instructor Mieko Hirano

Short Seminar featuring unique floral designs using green materials

Students Planning to Open Their Own Floral Shop. Right End is our chief instructor Mieko Hirano

Lucky people. There are only 3 students in this class

Are you satisfied with the lesson you took ?

Class of Oriental Students only(happens to be). The left end is our instructor Ms. Whistler

Class of Japanese Students (Instruction is done in Japanese language)
Right end is our chief instructor Mieko Martha Hirano

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