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Training For You To Make CORSAGE Like This

Corsage designed by you will make the party attractive

If you are trained at our floral design school, you will become able to make a beautiful corsage as shown in the above. The corsage designed and made by yourself will enhance the sophisticated atmosphere of the party such as wedding, birthday and some other events. In order to acquire floral designing skills, it is very important to obtain the secrete of designing from your instructor. Like babies learning their mother tongue from their mothers, they do not think about anything difficult but just duplicate, copy and immnate what your instructor does. By this way, you can acquire the fundamental skills of flower arrangement. After getting such basic skills from your instructor by just duplicating what she does, you can make your own style of designing reflecting your own unique concept. Some students are apt to make too much theoretical and logical way of approach before acquiring basic skills and ask so many questions without duplicating what the instructor is doing. Judging from our long experiences, such kind of students do have lots of difficulties for making progress in acquiring skills of floral designs. Like they do in Japan and in Europe, just follow the instructions from your teachers which will greatly help you develop your fandamental skills. When learning any kind of sports or artcrafts, this way of approach is very important ESPECIALLY AT THE BEGINNING STAGE. Theory comes later. Our instructor is prepared to support students in answering ACADEMIC questions or theoretical questions. However it students spend too much time for the logical way of training, they end up with losing their time for doing hands on training from which they can acquire PRACTICAL skills of flower arrangement. Recently we made 300 pieces of corsage in Japan so they were given away to the visitors to a certain big party held in Tokyo. If you are interested in learning floral designs, you can try our introductory program for only $89- including tuition and flower materials. This program lasts about 2 hours and 30 minutes and covers two different kinds of floral designs. If you feel comfortable with our way of instruction (which is HANDS  ON TRAINING) and the quality of our lesson, you can officially enroll in elementary course. We look forward to working with you soon.
We help you make a difference in your artistic life.

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