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What is included and not included in lesson fees

Fee for flowers is included but fee for certificate is separate

California Flower Art Academy always try to minimize lesson fees so that students do not suffer from expensive tuition. Some floral design schools/classes require students to bring flower materials to the classroom. Therefore each student is required to buy flowers at a regular floral shop by paying expensive prices. In our case flowers and other materials used for flower arrangement (such as floral foam called "oasis" and minimum required container/vase) are procured by the school at the flower market and these costs are included in each lesson fee announced on our website. For more details, please see below:

AAA. What is included in lesson fee:
For all the programs & courses (For Ikebana Courses, see remarks below), under-mentioned cost and items are included in the lesson fees:

1. Tuition
2. Flower Materials
3. Oasis: Floral Foam (used for European and American Flower Arrangements)
4. Minimum Required Container/Vase (used for European and American Flower Arrangements)

BBB. What is not included in lesson fee:
Certificate fee is separate. If a student wants to get an official certificate. he/she must take the final exam after attending all the lessons and needs to pass it. And the fee for such exam and certificate is not included in each lesson fee. For details PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Remarks: Ikebana Arrangement uses totally different kind of items. Therefore ITEMS per above 3 and 4 are not included in the lesson fee of Ikebana Arrangement Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Course (Ikebana Short Seminar Program includes these fees). Ikebana uses what is called "Kenzan" (non disposable needlepoint holder) and "Suiban" (flat type container specifically designed for Ikebana arrangement). If a student does not have such items, he/she can buy them by paying $50 which is additionally charged. However the lesson fee of Ikebana Short Seminar Program ($98) includes these items.

For details about our school, visit

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