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Ikebana Arrangement Refresh Program $179

We Help You Remember Skills You Eanred Long Time Ago

Some of you already learned Ikebana arrangement long time ago. However you have been away from the activities of making Ikebana arrangement for a long period of time. Recently one of your friends asked you to make Ikebana arrangement at the time of her birthday party. In order to remember what you learned long time ago, you MAY want to take a lesson so you can demonstrate Ikebana arrangement at the party.

Since you already have basic Ikebana knowledge and arranging skills, it does not make sense to join the entry level class. And also you do not feel motivated to spend lots of time for attending lessons. If you are in this kind of situation, we recommend you to join this particular program. This is a short seminar program teaching 3 kinds of Ikebana arrangements spending about 3 to 5 hours (depending on number of students and also student's Ikebana arranging skill). California Flower Art Academy offers this seminar throughout the year.

All you have to pay is $179 which covers not only tuition but also under mentioned items:
1. Flowers and any other element materials.
2. Kenzan (frog: needlepoint holder) that is not disposable and can be repeatedly used again and again.
3. Suiban (shallow containe): specifically designed for Ikebana arrangement.

Lessons are offered at San Jose main classroom (Silicon Valley) and also Burlingame extension class (close to San Francisco Airport) almost every week throughout the year. For more information, feel free to contact

For details about our school, visit

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