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Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course

Outline, Curriculum and Fee of Elementary Course

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To: Students Who Are Interested in Learning Basic Floral Designs.
Thank you for having interest in California Flower Art Academy. We are pleased to help you make a difference in floral art.

In this course, students will learn 12 kinds of designs as introduced below:
The lesson fee to complete this course is $390 including tuition and flowers as well as other materials used for training (certificate fee is separate). Students who need a certificate (issued by our school) are required to take the final exam after attending all the lessons and need to pass it. The fee for this exam, flower materials for the exam and also the fee for issuing a certificate are separately charged in addition to the lesson fee. If you need a certificate and also want to know how much it will cost to take the final exam and get a certificate, please visit the page of Certificate Policy. Since this course is designed so that students will earn basic floral design skills (mainly European arrangement), it is highly recommended to people who have no substantial experiences in learning floral arrangements. Especially for those who are planning to proceed to business oriented courses (such as Wedding or Funeral decoration course), this course is highly recommended. After completing this course, students qualify to sign up for Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course and Funeral Floral Decoration Course.

The curriculum for this course is as described below. Students will learn under mentioned 12 different designs and take the final exam in this course.(the fee for exam is separately charged)

1. All round arrangement
2. Triangle Arrangement
3. Vertical Arrangement
4. Oval Shape Arrangement
5. Diamond Shape Arrangement
6. "L" Shape Arrangement
7. Mound Arrangement
8. Crescent Arrangement
9. "S" Shape Arrangement
10. Cone Shape Arrangement
11. Corsage Triangle Design
12. Round Bouquet Design

REMARKS: (1) Only students who passed the above mentioned final exam shall be considered to have satisfactorily completed all the requirements for a course. (2) All the information described in this page (including but not limited to the contents of curriculum and the lesson fee) shall be subject to change without notice. Students are requested to confirm above mentioned contents before signing up for this course by contacting our administrative office at under mentioned email address.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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