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Floral Design Bouquet Course $178

Make Your Own Unique Bouquets


Some people are very interested in making bouquets by themselves and they would like to take lessons. Unfortunately however they do not want to spend lots of money by enrolling in official courses of which curriculum include how to make bouquests. The point is they would like to concentrate on the training of making bouquets only for a while. If you share the same feeling and you already have some experience in making floral designs or have interest in learning how to make bouquets by skipping the Elementary Course (because you have some experience in floral designs), why not join the special program featuring the design of bouquets only.


There are many kinds of bouquets as show in this page. California Flower Art Academy has established a brand new course featuring bouquets designs by the title of Floral Design Bouquet Course ("Bouquet Course"). This course consists of designing three kinds of bouquets and the lesson fee is $178 including flower and bouquet making materials. It takes much more time to make bouquet compoared with other regular kind of floral designs. Usually we have to spend approximately 75 minutes (more or less) to make most of floral designs. However when it comes to bouquets, it usually takes about two (2) hours (more or less). Roughly speaking bouquet making needs almost doubled amount of time compared with ordinary floral designs. Students who join this course are supposed to make only one bouquet a day by spending about two hours. Since it nees much more time and energy, students usually do not make more than one bouquet a day.


The typical application of bouquets is wedding party when a bride holds a bouquet which enhances the beauty of brides. The type of bouquets used for the lessons of this course may be changing from time to time. This may make it possible for you to learn more designs by repeating to attend this course some time later. You can take lessons of this course at our San Jose main classroom or Burlingame extension class not only on weekdays but also on the weekend. If you are interested in learning how to make bouquets, please contact We are more than happy to help you acquire skills of making bouquets.

The certificate of completing the course will not be issued unless otherwise agreed upon between a student and a school. If agreed between a student and a school, certificate will be issued. However in order to obtain a certificate, student is required to take the final exam after attending all the lessons and needs to pass it. The fee for this exam and issuing a certificate is not included in the above mentioned lesson fee and charged separately.  


California Flower Art Academy is serving the San Francisco Bay Area and San Francisco Peninsula (South Bay and East Bay) and also Silicon Valley (San Jose in Santa Clara County). Since our school's  inception, we have been educating uncountable number of students who would like to acquire practical skills of floral designs and flower arranging from European Floral Art to Japanese Ikebana Arrangement. If you are looking for a reliable floral design school, flower arranging instructor, floral design class or studio where you can learn floral art at affordable prices/tuition, we recommend you to join California Flower Art Academy whose inception goes back to 20 years ago and is authorized by Flower Decorators Association which is one of the best established and most prestigious floral associations in Japan.

No matter for what purpose you want to learn floral arrangements, for hobby or for business, we can help you make a difference in floral art. If you are interested in joining our school, please send email to info 

As to details about our school, visit

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