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Funeral Floral Design & Decorations Course for $298

You can serve a big market with a high demand

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1. Introduction:
CFAA (California Flower Art Academy) is pleased to announce a special event course specializing in Funeral Flower Arrangement as described below. One
of the most popular jobs for people who have mastered a high level of floral design is Funeral Floral Decoration which is mandatory for decorating funeral  ceremony and has a lot of demand. This particular arrangement helps comfort funeral attendees. CFAA is pleased to help you engage in this kind of decorating  business by offering classes for funeral decorations based on
the Step-By-Step and Person-To-Person instructions.

2. Market Demand:
Funeral Decoration has a market demand , the nature of which is totally different from that of wedding decorations. In terms of market size, funeral arrangement is said to have bigger market than that of wedding arrangement because this is an unavoidable event for human beings and also this event
fee is financially  backed up by life insurance in most of cases. If you can make funeral floral designs in addition to wedding floral arrangement, your position will be much more stronger and your status as an event decorator will be much higher AND you can serve much larger size of market. Usually the unit price of each funeral decoration and arrangement is offered at very expensive cost ranging from $180 to $350 per design (like arrangements introduced below) which is higher than most of wedding floral arrangements.

          3. Type of Design:                                                  
Following 5 kinds of decorations are included. Each decoration requires one lesson of 90  minutes. Total amount of tuition including materials cost is $298.00 to complete this course. The fee for certificate is separate. In order to join this course, students must have already finished at least CFAA’s Elementary Course of Fresh Flower Arrangement or must have the same or higher level of flower arranging skill as the level of the said  Elementary Course.

(1) Wreath Design
Arranging flowers with base wreath materials

(2) Funeral Cross Design
Putting flowers on the cross-shaped oasis

(3) Casket Mounted Flowers
Arranging flowers on the surface of coffin

(4) Casket Corner Adornment
Arrangement attached to the corner of casket

(5) Another popular arrangement
One more design is to be added considering the market demand

4. Advanced Decorations:
After mastering the above types of various decorations, you can further learn more sophisticated and higher level of designs. If you are  interested in proceeding to the higher level of decorations, we are pleased to help you.

Remarks: The information and prices stated above are subject to change without advance notice.
If you are interested in getting further detailed information, please contact  us at email address stated below.

Mieko Martha Hirano
CFAA Managing Director

For details about our school, visit

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